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Sherpa Spirit Treks & Expeditions: Trekking that Embodies the True Sherpa Spirit

The Essence of the Sherpa Spirit

What defines a Sherpa? A warm-hearted soul in the unmatched chilling valleys and glaciers of Nepal, whose determination and prowess is greater in stature than any mountain on the face of this planet. Spirituality and Service that even the Himalayas stand in awe of.

“There are no storms more devastating than the might of a Sherpa”, says a survivor who lost his way and is waiting for the moment when his dear life will be swept away by another blizzard that has swallowed the greatest of hikers that humankind has ever seen. 

We don't know why Sherpas are so caring to the point of madness; they won't question rappelling  into deep crevasses or embarking to the alpinist Death Zones of the world’s greatest peaks with you. Because of them, a son could once again experience the affectionate kiss of his beloved father, who once was caught in an avalanche and was presumed dead. And a daughter once again has reason to smile as she embraces her dear  mother at weekend family parties - the mother who herself lost her faith once the light on the mountain started to fade.

These mountain-dwelling Sherpa are every-day heroes, yet they're unknown and ask nothing but your sincerest appreciation for keeping both you and their motherland alive. You'll recognize a Sherpa when you see the strong shoulders leaning back with the weight of the luggage but a will beyond the strength of gushing waters that enliven this small Heaven on Earth. Yet there will be a promising grin on their face, and you will know that you're looking at a Sherpa. “Where do such humans come from?” you will wonder

Sherpa Spirit Treks & Expeditions: Trekking that Embodies the True Sherpa Spirit
General Introduction

General Introduction

Namaste & Tashi Delek (traditional greeting in Nepali and Sherpa languages)

For most people, the chance to take a trek in Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And for great reason - Nepal offers breathtaking panoramas of wide stretched mountains and glaciers where you feel like you're walking through the sky, while the calm winds blow as if they're whispering sweet melodies in your ears. And the thought of being lost in the wonderland forests amongst small scattered settlements of friendly people will exhilarate you for a while. Trekking amidst the tranquil lakes and silent as God mountains will be a humbling journey painted with colors of rich culture and mysterious traditions that inhabit this tantalizing country.

Life is too fast and too banal for modern people to often notice or appreciate the delightful nature that surrounds them.  The hectic office life and busy schedule may rob the natural tendency of humans to cherish the beauty of nature. For all such people who are always in a hurry, time spent immersed in the depths of nature will not only put their lives back on track but also instill a peace of mind that leads to better social relations and life decisions.

You want to be able to slow down and acknowledge the vistas of Mother Nature - and that abounds in the mystical land of Nepal. From glacial moraines to alpinist still lakes to the rough bouldery terrain and fairy meadows, you’ll feel like you're on a visit to the heavenly abodes as you venture through a journey of a lifetime! 

You want delicious, nourishing and satisfying food that will not only addict your tastebuds to the tea lodge's tummy-licious cuisines of various genres, but will forever fill your mouth with a craving that even the most lavish of restaurants won’t satiate. 

And you want to be able to move at a pace that you set so that you don’t put too much strain on your body, your mind, or your Spirit.

You want to take the journey to the land of the Sherpas. Guardians of Heaven on Earth.

That’s why you want to trek with Sherpa Spirit Treks & Expeditions.


Sherpa Spirit Treks & Expeditions was founded by a team of four brothers from the Everest region of Nepal, and between us we have more than 30 years of trekking experience. Our agency was founded because we believed we could provide something to our guests and staff that other agencies often fail to provide:

  • A commitment to providing an experience for our guests that is free from stress and hassle

  • A gentle pace that is set by our guests, not by the demands of an itinerary - you will get a whole lot more out of your trekking experience this way.

  • Fair wages and conditions for our staff. Our staff are paid above industry standard salaries and treated with as much respect and importance as our guests.

Coming from a small, traditional Sherpa village in Solukhumbu, we understand what it means to be unhurried and free of too many worries. It is our pleasure to ensure your time with us in Nepal is free from stress and hassle, that your stay is pleasant, and that you never feel rushed or hurried.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Nepal is not like any other adventure trip where you go, make memories and return to try another place, another year. There's something unusually attractive about Nepal that makes its way into your Soul, and facilitates an experience of a deep-rooted connection with nature and Self in these pristine mountains. We've heard people say that along the journey they found a part of themselves they didn’t even realise was missing.

We personally feel it is a great honor to serve fellow humans in this way, through cherishing nature and finding inner tranquility and calmness amidst the ongoing chaos in the world. For you, we have arranged itineraries in a sequence that you don't feel rushed, or hurried and allow you to move at a pace that will allow you to immerse yourself in the journey and travel within. 

What We've Got For You

Customized Trekking Trips in Absolute WIlderness for YOU!

Different people move at different paces. Some like to rush towards their destination, while others travel to experience the journey. Neither pace is “wrong”!

So it's quite unfair to have one choice that fits all. Sherpa Spirit Treks & Expeditions is flexible in this regard as all of our itineraries can be easily customized to take into account your needs, preferences, and expectations. 

We encourage everyone to have some additional days in their plan for unexpected events and to create a comfortable buffer for deep exploration or to slow the pace down even further.

We continually communicate with our clients to ensure that their experience is meeting their expectations. We organize a pre-departure meeting with our clients where they're briefed about the itinerary and considerations, and amendments are made to suit their pace or expectations. Along with that, morning meetings and nightly briefings on the trail keep everyone updated about the trek and what to expect on upcoming days.

What We've Got For You
Why Sherpa Spirit?

Why Sherpa Spirit?

Many of our trekking clients to this day are witnesses of our fair dealings with them. We have prioritized our staff above all, and we believe that our staff will treat you the way we treat them - with honesty, respect, and fairness. 

Sherpa Spirit Treks focuses on providing fair wages and optimal working conditions for our staff. Not only that, continued training and regular staff meetings are carried out to mentally and physically allow our staff to perform at a professional level and ensure you receive the service you expect and deserve. 

All guides that will accompany you on any trek receive regular First Aid training, training in AMS, and rescue training, as well as on-the-job training that goes above and beyond the basic requirements of National guide training. We ensure only those who meet our high expectations of service and safety are put to practice to serve you along the way.

For your ease of mind, and comfort, all necessary information will be shared beforehand, including customization of the itinerary as per your expectations, accommodation, and food-related concerns as well. So once you're on the trek you don't have to worry about anything at all except trekking!

Happy Trekking!

Our Team


Co-Founder, Manger (Australia) & Trekking Guide

Pemba Rinchhe Sherpa

Co-Founder, Manager (Nepal) & Trekking Guide

Pasang Sherpa

Co-Founder & Trekking Guide

Dafuri Sherpa

Co-Founder & Climbing Guide

Rebekah Sherpa

Office Manager & Customer Relations

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