Meals & Accommodation are a big consideration when planning and budgeting for any travel adventure, and trekking in Nepal is no different! 

Let’s start with Meals…

Many agencies offer packages that do not include meals, making their package prices appear cheaper. However we think it’s important that this not-so-little aspect of your trekking adventure is taken care of and provided for you. And so ALL of our packages are inclusive of meals! 

That is three meals per day on the trekking trail, from the day we leave Kathmandu on your trekking adventure, to the day we arrive back in Kathmandu. It also includes one hot beverage per meal. And of course, one of the benefits of this is that it frees you up from having to carry so much extra cash with you and also from having to budget your meals as you ascend the mountain, where options can become limited, but also more expensive as goods have to be transported for long distances by jeep, mule or porter!

Nepal’s specialty is Dahl Bhat, a delicious dish of freshly steamed rice, seasonal veg (or meat) curry, and a warm lentil soup with a side of achar (pickle) to power the body and spirit. And it’s so good you’ll be offered seconds, or even thirds! The best part about this hearty meal is that even though it is offered nearly everywhere we go, you’ll never get sick of it because everyone cooks it differently with the ingredients they have at hand so it’s like you’re tasting it again for the first time!

But the mouth-watering goodness doesn’t end there - have you ever heard of momo? Beautiful little parcels of veggie or meat goodness, delicately folded in handmade dough and gently steamed or fried to perfection with a side of spicy sauce (or non-spicy if you prefer).

And if you’re pining for something from home, then you’re in luck because most of the places we visit and stay in have their own version of your Western favourites.

Please note that meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara are excluded (except for the Welcome & Farewell Dinners), as there are so many incredible dining options available to you, that we want to give you the option to explore and make your own choice on what you will eat in the cities. Be sure to check what is included/excluded on each individual itinerary.

So what can you expect from accommodation? 

Firstly, all of our packages have been created as a twinshare package, meaning you will generally be sharing a room with one other person. When you are travelling with a friend or other travel companion, this can be a nice way of ending your evenings, sharing your day’s experience with each other as you drift off to sleep. In odd numbered groups, one person will generally have the option of a single room, unless a triple share room is available. Single supplements are also available for those who wish to be guaranteed a room all to themselves. 

In Kathmandu and Pokhara you can expect to be staying in 3-star hotel accommodation, generally with wifi and running hot water in your own attached bathroom (always appreciated after a long trek!). Most hotels also have a restaurant and dining room, but you have the option of eating anywhere else in either of these cities that you like.

On the trekking trail, we stay in traditional Nepal teahouse accommodation, which has been constructed to cater to the needs of trekkers. It is also an expectation that we will eat at the same hotel in which we are staying. Teahouses are usually of a more general standard, and can vary, depending on the town/village we stay in, and the time of year we are trekking. While some tea houses are constructed of stone, others may be nothing more than tin and ply board. This can make for draughty accommodation, but it’s all part of the trekking adventure!

The facilities offered by teahouses also varies. Some may have an attached bathroom/toilet, but more often the bathroom and toilet are located outside and are a shared facility. Hot water is usually charged (300-500 rupees), and may be solar powered or gas-heated. The weather can have an impact on the availability of solar powered hot water, and when things break sometimes it can take a while before they can be repaired, especially in more remote parts of the mountains. But you always have the option of a bucket shower, which is a very common trekking experience, but can also use up precious firewood! It is also not uncommon for many backpackers to go for days (weeks?) without showering. After long days of trekking, a hot meal and an early night are often a greater priority for most trekkers. It also saves your budget AND it’s a big part of the trekking experience. 

Wifi is often provided in most teahouses these days for a fee. This is not included in any of our packages, and can range from 200-1000 rupees. But we like to think that when you’ve chosen a trekking adventure through these ancient mountains, it can also be nice to leave the distractions of the modern age behind you for a week or two!

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