All of our treks are created as twinshare packages, meaning that in groups of two or more, trekkers will be sharing a room with one other person. For many who book together in a group, this is generally fine. And in groups with an odd number of people, there is always one person who will end up in a single room!

However, we understand and respect that for many reasons, not everyone wants to share with another person - especially in situations where they have come together as travel buddies, but don’t really know each other. 

For that reason we also offer a Single Supplement option for all of our treks. 

What Is A Single Supplement?

First up, let’s be honest: single supplements often get a bad rap because of the way tour groups and accommodation providers tend to charge and justify it. In most cases, a solo traveller will get charged extra for occupying a double or twinshare room on their own, and then get told it’s because the cost to clean the room is still the same, and because solo travellers tend to eat and drink less in the dining room. 

We’re not really digging that!

We want you to know that we view and charge a single supplement differently. 

For us, the single supplement is merely an additional cost that is paid to cover an additional room in a package that has been created as twinshare. 

Things To Know About How And Why We Charge A Single Supplement

  • It is only applicable to groups of two or more where we have to organise an additional room when we could have organised standard twinshare rooms for trekkers to share (so generally in even numbered groups).

  • We don’t charge an administrative fee, because it’s no extra work for us!

  • It purely covers the cost of the additional room, which is why it varies from package to package. We don’t have a set single supplement “rate”!

  • We take it on a case-by-case basis. If you’re in an odd numbered group and only one person is asking for a single room, then that person can take the one twinshare room that is going to available for just one person anyway. It seems a bit mean to us to charge a single supplement in that case!

If you have any further questions about Single Supplement costs, then please reach out and let us know.

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