Why Travel Solo?

We think solo travel is a wonderful thing, and encourage and support anyone who wants to travel solo. We appreciate the many benefits to travelling solo, including:

  • The freedom to make choices for yourself

  • Not having to negotiate with anyone else

  • Doing what you want, when you want to and seeing the things you want to see

  • Enjoying the solitude without having to worry about anyone else

  • The chance for inner reflection

  • Setting your own itinerary and the pace of your trek

Why Travel with a Guide

However, from our experience trekking in Nepal we also know there are great advantages to having a trekking guide (and porter) with you. For example,  

  • Having a guide means you won’t get lost in the mountains. And because he can speak the local language, he can also advise you if any area is unsafe to travel down and navigate a new path

  • You’ll have someone to care for you if you are unwell, to watch for the signs of altitude sickness and to get you to safety or the medical care you need quickly 

  • All of our guides speak English as well as Nepali and Sherpa, so you’ll also have a translator, which is very useful when you’re sick or in an emergency

  • Learn more about Life in Nepal! Having a guide means that you get to travel with someone to share the local culture with you - both the culture of the people you are travelling through, and also his own (which may be very different from the area you are travelling in!)

  • Having a porter can free you up to enjoy the trek more, without the hassle of carrying a heavy bag.

  • You’ll be supporting a local person or people AND their families! What a guide/porter earns per day isn’t much by most trekkers’ standards (and we endeavour to pay our staff an above average daily wage), but it goes a long way to ensuring he is able to feed his family, give them somewhere to live, and send his children to school. 

  • You’ll make a friend/s for life! And with these days of social media, the chances are you’ll be able to easily keep in touch!

One of our favourite things about travelling solo is that YOU get to set the pace, make the decisions, and take time in the places you really want to see! And as you can see, all of that is still possible with your own trekking guide and porter. You’ll just have a richer and more rewarding trekking experience, and we know you won’t regret it! 

We are more than happy to customise any of our itineraries for you to help you create the Nepal trekking experience you are looking for. 

Travelling Solo in Company

Having said all of that, travelling with a companion can not only be fun and give you some company, it can also be more cost effective. When travelling in groups of 2 or more, many of the fixed costs of trekking (eg. your guide/porter’s salaries, some transport costs, and accommodation costs) are shared. If you’re travelling solo and would like to connect with a travel companion, you can ask around in Thamel (the tourist centre of Kathmandu), or ask us to try and make arrangements for you with another of our groups or solo travellers (this can’t be guaranteed). 

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