A trekking permit is required for all trekking in Nepal. Generally this is called a TIMS (Trekker Information ManagementCard and it is a mandatory Government requirement to ensure the safety and security of trekkers in the general trekking areas. Some other treks, like those in restricted areas, require a separate Restricted Area Permit, and the costs of these can vary depending on the amount of time you are planning on being in the area. 

Your TIMS Card or Restricted Area Permit will need to be shown at various checkpoints along the way as you trek. 

On top of this, there will be additional National Park or Conservation Area entry permits that are required, depending upon the area that you are trekking in. 

It can be a bit confusing trying to figure out which permit you need, where to get them, and how much they cost!

But the good news is ALL of our trekking packages include the necessary permits required for the trek. There is no additional charge, and no need to research what is required. We take care of it all for you. 

We even take care of dealing with the officers at the checkpoints. You can sit back and relax, or meander on up the trail while your guide liaises with the officers and makes sure you get checked in and out without any fuss.  

What You Need To Provide To Get Your Tims Card Or Restricted Area Permit

The day before we depart on our trek, we will take some time together to prepare. This will include making sure we have all of the necessary paperwork. To this part of the process runs smoothly, we ask that you come prepared with:

  • Your Passport
  • A Copy of Your Passport
  • A Passport Sized Photo


And if you can’t bring the last two items with you, don’t worry. There are plenty of places around Thamel where you can get these. 

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