In the eastern hemisphere, a tiny landlocked country lies between giant India and the never-ending China. We're talking about Nepal; the country is comparatively less known and frequently neglected when it comes to worldly trends and global talks. But there's a bright side to it. Even after building megastructures and utopian cities, we still retreat into Nepal's unexplored and unveiled artistry. But Why? 

Why Trek in Nepal vs. Other Countries? 

Nepal holds eight of the world's ten highest summits, meaning that you're closer to God once in Nepal. At the very least, you will be closer to nature! It is a place of absolute wilderness where numerous dove-white mountains compete against one another to reach the Heavens. The pristine valleys of Nepal sit in the Himalaya's lap and are rewarded with serene yak pastures, lush fields, untracked forests, and over several thousand species of flora that make one feel cherished in the winsome company of Mother Nature.

A place where radiant rhododendrons soothe eyes and charming flora relieves the soul, the gushing river sings a sweet melody to the ears, and exceptional wildlife portrays a diverse natural persona. Not only that, in Nepal, the calling of the picturesque mountains is an experience only avid travelers can hear and feel!

Nepal: An Unrivalled Journey of its Kind

With over a million people visiting Nepal in the prior years, we can say something fascinates people to keep coming to this small corner of the world. The reasons may be many: the highest point of the world - Mount Everest; the charming valley of Langtang; the untracked trails of Annapurna; or the golden temples in the Mardi Himal region. All are an accomplishment in their own right, allowing you to explore and venture on your own, with new and old friends, or those you love the most. The trekking experience in Nepal is renowned in the world for its panoramic sightseeing of far-stretched glaciers amidst sky-stabbing mountains and close to nature lodges offering hot, warming tea with locals engaging in real-life Himalayan folklores.  

The globally endued mountain landscapes of Nepal proffer countless expeditions and recreational options. For instance, undertake the odyssey to dominate the heaven teasing peaks of Kanchenjunga (8,586m), Makalu (8,481m), Lhotse (8,516m), Cho Oyo (8,188m), Dhaulagiri I & II (8,167m), Manaslu (8,156m), and Annapurna peaks. While at the same time, you can set foot to explore cultural sites and monuments on this Heaven on the Earth. It’s rightly said that trekking in Nepal is a memorable & everlasting chapter in any traveler's life. When are you unfolding a similar new chapter in your life?  

Trekking vs. Sightseeing in Nepal

Anyone who visits Nepal for the first time is spellbound by the alluring mountain ranges, picturesque valleys, primeval forest, and tranquil lakes at alpinist altitudes. Enthusiasts who have traveled to Nepal exclaim that it feels so compulsive to explore the rich culture of India and Tibet blended in this out-of-world place. But you might think of these statements as superficial unless you experience the quaint villages, rustic lifestyle, and scenic beauty of the mountain regions that are best accessed by foot.

The people of the country are welcoming and affectionate towards the tourists, especially after the 2015 earthquake, which devastated the city of Kathmandu and wiped out several mountain villages, including Langtang. Still, the Himalayan dwelling residents who have survived thousands of years in these mountains have managed to rehabilitate with sheer hard work and the income from the tourism industry. Your guides and the porters that make up your trekking group are amongst the most cooperative in the world, and their expertise and adeptness will make any arduous trek a walk in the park (almost!).

You can embark on a trekking expedition that not only offers excellent sightseeing but even combines adrenaline-rushing adventure pursuits. For instance, jumping into the breathlessly high lakes of Gokyo; kayaking and canoeing into the stream channels of Bhote Kosi; paragliding in the most dramatic Annapurna landscapes; or all-terrain biking in the mounds of Kathmandu Valley. For a frolicking yet physical sport, consider hiking along the rugged trails towards Everest, to Annapurna, and way beyond into some of Nepal’s more restricted trekking areas - all adaptive to beginner, intermediate, and expert trekkers alike. In short, you're never short of adventure options in Nepal, and most of them are best experienced through trekking! 

So You’re Visiting Nepal...Why You Should Consider Trekking

Most people are oblivious to the fact that you can explore Nepal in a more rewarding way if you choose to discover the area off-track instead of traveling by road. By taking your journeys on foot, you are more exposed to the rural life and the natural beauty which is nearly unexperienced while traveling in a vehicle.

Once in Nepal, you'll be racking your brain to choose amongst options to consider first.

  • Heaven is a myth; Nepal is real. This place amidst the Himalayas is the subject of the most extraordinary expeditions and adventure feats in humankind’s history. When will your feet touch one of the most revered, most sacred, and most adventurous places on earth?!

  • All of our trekking packages include a one-day sightseeing tour, and Swayambunath Temple will be high on the list of places to visit that day. It is also known as 'Monkey Temple,' a popular pilgrimage site for locals and tourists alike. The spirituality and blessings you'll receive from the place will significantly help you surmount the most strenuous treks in the subsequent weeks.

  • The lodges/accommodation on your journey offer intercontinental, Italian, and appreciably similar hot cuisines, but you'll undoubtedly remember the traditional Dhal Bhat even after you have returned to your country.

  • In the first few days of trekking, you will notice that it's not just impressive mountains and exotic religions that define this piece of land. Get to know Buddhism as you visit several cultural heritages and sacred religious monuments, including centuries-old ornate Buddhist monasteries, prayer wheels, memorials, and Buddhist inscribed Mani walls for blessed adventures.

  • In the Everest Region, Namche Bazar is the gateway for many treks and expeditions. Here you can meet new people and get closer insights into their lifestyle. Furthermore, the European-style bakeries at Namche will surely enrich your taste buds with freshly baked cakes and hot chocolate coffee! It is simply a boon to trekkers with captivating views of Thamserku (6,623m) and Kongde Ri (6,187m) in the foreground. 

  • Get close-up insights into the ethnic groups that populate the Himalayas and call these mountains home. The Tamang, Gurung, Sherpa, and Newari people of Nepal have occupied these ostentatious mountains for almost a thousand years, and all have their very own culture to explore.

  • While it might not be trekking, if you're fond of seeking new adventures and mysteries, then there’s a lot of ancient villages and historical sites awaiting you near Kathmandu. Bhaktapur is one of them. It is a nearly thousand-year-old exquisite settlement revered for its best-preserved temples, rich culture, mastered wood carving, and delicate Thangka paintings. As they say, “If you want to be a good explorer, you gotta get out of the library!”

  • Before you proceed onto the main trekking course, you wouldn’t want to miss witnessing the magnificent sunrise & panoramic sunset views of the Himalayas and Tibetan peaks in areas like Nagarkot, which are in close proximity to Kathmandu. This is a great way to prepare for your upcoming trekking adventure, and as your craving for outdoor adventures surges after about a week, you can kick off with one of the famous hiking treks like Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Circuit.

Why Travel with Sherpa Spirit Treks?

With Sherpa Spirit Treks, you can choose from any of the dozens of globally acclaimed tours in Nepal, such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp, Kanchenjunga, Langtang Valley, Ghorepani-Poon Hill Trek, and Mardi Himal Trek, and many more. Rain or shine, our highly competent guides will assure you not only have a safe journey but that your adventure will be highly memorable for years to come for all of the reasons you chose to come to Nepal and more. Plus, all of our trekking packages are entirely customizable to ensure you can make your time trekking in Nepal precisely what you want it to be!

Additionally, and we think most importantly, an integral part of our philosophy is that we not only care for our staff, but we take measures to empower them and allow them to support their families. We consider our staff to be like family, and we care for them above and beyond what many do within the tourism industry. Our guides and porters are provided with the necessary clothing and equipment to safely and comfortably complete your trek with you, AND they are paid ABOVE the industry average of $10-15USD/day. This allows them to not only feed and clothe their families and send their children to school without struggle, but also affords them the freedom to spend time with their families and watch their children grow. 

Trekking with Sherpa Spirit Treks not only means you can get up close and personal with these majestic mountains in safety and good company but also symbolizes your goodwill for this small and charming country, while supporting its people to thrive and continue to host such heart-warming expeditions.


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